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Fethiye Paragliding
Oludeniz Babadag

Instead of an ordinary Ölüdeniz paragliding, it is a complete flight experience filled with sporty feelings. Liberty paragliding is the most privileged paragliding team in your country. It promises you +15 minutes extended flying time. It flies with equipment that is renewed every year. +10 years of experienced pilots, love and passion for adventure. This is the moment when you discover yourself! Do it with the best.

Let’s Get Right To It

First, contact us through contact channels and get information about the weather.

Let’s set your flight time and pick you up at your hotel if you want.

On the day of the flight, our vehicles will go to Babadag 1969 meters and our instructors will prepare you.

After that, our event will start with instructors and a wonderful view of Oludeniz will be waiting for you.

Our stay in the air will take 30-40 minutes and you will be able to see the Valley of butterflies, Fethiye, kaya village and Oludeniz.

If you want, we will add some acrobatics, use some of you, and we will land on the coast of Oludeniz, watch our photos.

And after all that, you’ll now really know what it means to fly.

Extra Time

Babadag is 1969 meters and a standard flight takes an average of 25 minutes. We offer our guests a free +15min paragliding flight to appreciate what they want.

Surprise Flights

Who does not want to get a marriage proposal in the sky or celebrate a birthday nü, moreover Fethiye Oludeniz. We are excited and happy to assist you for these moments.

We’re In The Air As A Family

Experience this unforgettable flight with your loved ones at the same time, our parachutes will be together throughout the flight. Touch each other’s wings and share the moment with them.

Aerobatic Time

Paragliding is a great feeling in itself but if you want more, the adrenaline is waiting for you. Who wants to do a somersault in the view of Oludeniz?


How much is the jump weight limit?
For Babadag paragliding flight point: the weight limit is 110 kg for men and 90 kg for women.

How long does the Babadag flight take?
Flight organization takes us 2 hours in total. The airtime is 30 minutes. The remaining process includes Babadag transfer, pre-flight preparation and monitoring of footage.

Best flight time?
The weather changes every hour, as paragliding can stay in the warmer air longer, our recommendation is as follows: if our guest wants to stay in the air longer, he/she can choose 1-3 hours. For more beautiful photos, 9 – 11 am flights are recommended, which is related to the position of the sun. Sunset flights have the worst view contrary to popular belief I know you’re sorry to hear that.

What should we do during landing?
Paragliding is an aerial vehicle that takes off by running and we land by reducing our speed by running. But most of the time, this is not necessary, your instructor puts you on your feet, almost resetting the speed at the moment of landing using a technique called a clown. By clicking on the link, you can watch a landing from our flights to Babadag Oludeniz.

Who can’t paraglide?
First of all, we can’t include pregnant guests on our flights for sure. Besides this there is no other banned list, you can decide by consulting your doctor. But being in the air can affect you badly if you have a balance disorder such as vertigo.

What should we bring with us?
Ölüdeniz Babadağ also flight controls and rules are carried out by the Turkish Air Authority and according to our directive you can not take phones etc.with you during the flight, only sunglasses are allowed. If you come with a closed shoe, if you come outside of summer, you can buy a cardigan, a coat. The purpose of this application is the possibility of dropping something on people sunbathing in Oludeniz.

How much does Fethiye paragliding cost?
The flight fee is 145 usd as of 2022. Photo video footage is not included in this fee. Their fee is 25 usd.

Fethiye paraglıdıng About

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Do you want to lern?

If you’re still shy about paragliding!

You can contact us and resolve the questions on your mind.
Our meeting place: Oludeniz Beach.
Flight point: Fethiye Babadag 1965 meter.

Everyone can be a little nervous at first, but after the flight starts, the tension flies away, replaced by fun and freedom.

Contacting us may have this effect, ask what’s on your mind and listen. Let us encourage you. Because paragliding is nothing to lunch. You won’t be the same person anymore.

Fly Liberty Paraşüt
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